WESTEC serves the customers worldwide!

With the advancement of technology, modern manufacturing is developing in an extreme direction and difficult processing problems are inevitably 

encountered during the machining; 

WESTEC  experts stand at the forefront of advanced manufacturing technology in the world and seek the optimized processing solutions for you 

based on our KNOW-HOW professional knowledges to solve your machining  problems!

WESTEC's core competitiveness:  to solve the machining process problems for customers, optimize machining process, 

improve process efficiency, and reduce the machining costs!

Cost reduction means:

1、 Optimize your machining process  and improve process efficiency;

2、 Seeking more cost-effective solutions worldwide for the machines , tools and consumables you are currently using, such as machines , CNC cutting tools,tool holders,fixtures etc.;

Welcome to fill out the following sheet online  ,we will evaluate the processing conditions and reply  you via email  within 24 hours on weekdays !

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8、 The providers and brands of the products currently in use

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